Sunday, December 23, 2007

ron pAul reVolution


Anonymous said...

I support Ron Paul, but he is not a revolution. The real revolution will not come through presidential elections. Ron Paul is actually a step back, as one must sometimes take one step back to take two steps forward. This country is on a dangerous path and Ron Paul is a step back from that, back to where this country was in the 60's, so we can continue the real revolution that started then.

Niels said...

The exercise is then to redefine the revolution into that (like you see I've done with the V and the A).

Anonymous said...

Sure, stepping back to the political and regulatory arrangements of the 60's would give freedom lovers a big breathing space to build a stateless society. A stateless society requires 21st century technology, some old ideas, as well as some time. A Ron Paul "revolution" gives us the needed time to escape the closing jaws of 1984.

It is therefore rational for an anarcho-capitalist to be a Ron Paul supporter.

Finding logical flaws in his adherence to "border security" is like complaining about the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

- heuristic