Thursday, March 06, 2008

Freeing Yourself from Politics


Anonymous said...

Translation: "Don't send your money to Ron Paul, send it to me."

Got it.

- Heuristic

Niels said...

The state doesn't have anything to offer you. Stef just might.

Anonymous said...

Stef has helped, with his talking therapy, a few dozen people who have family problems. That's good for them but of no use to most people, including me. The important ways that I am not free (of which political matters are only a subset) are not going to be solved by Stef. I found that Stef has nothing to offer me.

Time can help me. A sufficient amount of time can gain an arbitrarily large amount of freedom. For example, if Houdini was not at risk of suffocation or drowning he could take as long as necessary to pick the knots and locks and to wriggle free.

The state has nothing to offer me but someone who has an honest plan and some significant chance of postponing the closing of leviathan's jaws does offer me something: He offers me time to acquire even better tools to be free.

- Heuristic