Friday, February 01, 2008

Ron Paul Slams Republican Warmongers


Anonymous said...

1. As of today he has more "cash on hand" according to the campaign finance filings than the other republican candidates put together. 2. He has said that he will continue as long as his supporters volunteer and donate. 3. While a few supporters may have dropped away his hard core are door-to-door canvassing in all next week's primaries, and organizing fund-raising days. 4. The other republican candidates are dropping off and he is now third. Conclusion: He has a good chance of being the last republican left standing, and as the nominee he will flatten his democrat opponent because he will have all the republican voters, most of the independents and some anti-war democrats.

- heuristic

Garin Wind said...

He has history and the constitution on his side. He's a fucking genius, so why won't anyone listen to him?