Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ron Paul vs Mike Huckabee


antiglobalism said...

Mike Huckabee Leads Election By Losing Weight

WASHINGTON, DC (N3) - The Pew Research Center released a survey of the American presidential election with a startling conclusion -- that Mike Huckabee will take the lead not because of his political views, but because Americans can identify with his struggle for weight loss.


By far Paul Ron is the sanest candidate around. Unfortunately the big business and the powerful lobbies don't like him because his views are unprofitable (against certain forms of exploitation), so he doesn't stand a chance to get elected.

Anonymous said...

"he doesn't stand a chance to get elected."

He has tended to inch up the primary results, from fifth to third and now to a close second (Louisiana), after only a handful of states.

So if we look at the trend it is clear that he does have "a chance" to get the nomination.

And if he gets the nomination he surely has a big chance of winning the general election.

And if he becomes president it is likely that he will be able to make at least one or two important changes: He will end the war, he won't attack Iran, and he has a detailed plan to bring the economy to a soft landing based on genuinely free market principles.

And while it is possible that assassination may be atempted, the outcome of such attempts is not certain at all. The people who do such things are not invincible supermen; they are merely civil servants and gangsters, therefore probably less capable, less insightful and less productive than you and I.

So he does have a chance.

- heuristic