Monday, January 14, 2008

I don't answer to the state

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Anonymous said...

What he says is correct, of course. Political correctness is empowered entirely by the armed force of the state, a fact ignored by leftish libertarians, who want to indulge themselves with the belief that political correctness is a law of nature. To see why, just consider the situation if laughter were the pc types' only "weapon" against a reasoned positipon of "discrimination." The appropriate countrer-response would be to laugh right back and then ignore them, since they have shown that they have no actual argument, and can't actually do anything. By contrast, the person who prudently filters out groups whom in his experience have behavior that is injurious, annoying, or a waste of time, is making his life more productive and enjoyable. And some of those groups are identifiable by religion or ethnicity.

- heuristic