Friday, December 07, 2007

GRIDLOCK - Hell on wheels


Ben said...
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Ben said...

The more room on the roads, the more traffic there will be. The population is constantly rising and if there's less traffic because there's an extra highway, then more people will be likely to drive and therefore, the extra room is taken up right away. Having people pay for the extra highway is a great idea though because then it pays for the highway and discourages people from driving. But really, we just need a better mode of transportation. Think about it: the average vehicle heading to work carries one passenger. That means that one person is taking up about five square meters of road. That's a lot of space for one person. There should be one-person vehicles called 'commuters'. Hey, sort of a like motorcycle. Yes there should be a small lane just for motorcyclists and these new commuter vehicles. Also, instead of building another highway, built a high speed train. A track does not take much room and a train does not experience 'traffic'. Then people can pay for the train and the private organization that created it will start making profit within a year so they can expand the train's network. Also, it would save on room in the actual city where parking is expensive and wasteful. Also, it would give off far less pollution than thousands of idling cars bumper to bumper of everyday. I think the personal vehicle should be smaller and the public transit system should consist of a network of highspeed trains built by a private company.